Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Productive Mosaic Wednesday!

WOW, only 11:22 (CST) and I just finished my long awaited paisley mosaic salvaged window!! It is not grouted yet but I can't wait, the purples and greens are going to look so great with black grout! This window is really old too, while I was refurbishing it I discovered it is constructed with square pegs! (Yeah I know, square peg, round hole..that's the story of my life! Ha) Not sure how old that makes it..sometimes I feel like I need a history course on all these great materials I come across and whether or not I should deconstruct them, cut them up, break them down or glue them down??? They are so cool, one of these days I will just take pics of all my treasures out in my studio...I do snag some quirky check out the window with the paisley design and then look at the unfinished guitar one...what do you think?

I also got 3 listings up on my Etsy site, some hand cut mosaic tesserae (broken pieces).

Included in the pics posted are one of the horn worm the kids found on our glorious tomato plant! They were fascinated with him and fought over who got to take him to school for show and tell! My 9 yr. old daughter had to research him on the internet to see just exactly what these things were all about!
3 cups of coffee and painted with my toddler boy! He made two fabulous works of art that he told me were "the best paintings ever ever" that is his thing right now..everything is "in 5 days" and "ever ever ever"!! He's my little darn cute!!
Also see the 4 glass nugget/gem pendants I soldered?? That is my new hobby when I am burnt out on mosaicing..I turn to the soldering is a lot harder than I thought..these are my Halloween themed ones. Not sure they are Etsy worthy..there is a lot of great jewelry on there!

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The Prairie Jeweler said...

Look at you go!!! Lovin' the blog and its about time~!
Soon as I'm well I'll be by the studio!