Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Neck Tie Draft Dodgers, Studio progress and Ziggy update

Whew a whirlwind is what it's been! Check out the cute little draft dodgers my kids and I made from old neck ties, hopefully they will keep the cold out and the warmth in this winter! I tore the seams out of two ties then stitched them together and the kids helped stuff them with old fabric scraps and plastic bags, would have been heavier with beans or sand but didn't have either! Madison my almost 10 year old is a great seamstress and is always making pillows, bags and other trinkets!

Wade and I put up insulation in the studio, we got some free old barn tin from his bass player which warrented a trip to the country to pick it up (forgot the camera), we got a tour of his 100 acres and stopped to visit the cow herd, they came over to the 4x4 ranger and even licked the kids hands!! Too funny to see cows and calves eating apple out of Bill's (the bass player) hands!

SO, we put up a half wall of barn tin and some trim we already had, next will be paneling but probably not until spring because I am tired of moving my supplies around and I hung up my favorite old tableclothe and I am happy how it is!!

Bill said he would help wire it some day (running an extension cord from the house currently) and I will make him a beautiful mosaic for his Buffalo Hollow Farm.

Ziggy stardust is a causing me problems...I just can't work on it for more than an hour without crapping out! So I just keep adding to it, here is what I got done this weekend on the final side to finish..cannot WAIT to finish it, SO beautiful in the light!!

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The Prairie Jeweler said...

Totally loving the tin!!! I'm ever so jealous of your space... i'll just keep on using the dining room. blah.