Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Follow the TP trail and what do you find??

So. Did I mention I have a 3 year old...boy..ALL BOY! He is rough and tumble, loud and talkative and oh so cute and cuddly. HOWEVER! Today before 1pm if I recall, there was a trail of toilet paper throughout the hallway entering into the bathroom and at the end of this magical trail was something that Mom's truly truly don't entire roll of toilet paper gracefully dispensed into an unused toilet for nothing more than a few giggles and 30 seconds of entertainment before rushing off to make another mess. At first anger...then I just started took 3 flushes and 5 sturdy plungings to get that blob of TP to sink. THANKFULLY there were no other surprises in the toilet or I would have NEVER taken these pics to share! I like how he leaves the empty TP roll beside the toilet....that's hard evidence there kiddo.

1 comment:

The Prairie Jeweler said...

Gawd I miss that little "turd" LOL
Good to know he's still up to his mischief!