Monday, October 6, 2008

Mosaic Monday

Happy Monday! Well besides a failing US financial market along with crumbling consumer confidence I would say things are just fine in my little mosaic studio!! SO I finally finished and listed the "Paisley" mosaic window.

I also "aged my victorian inspired boo signs, but kind of messed things up when I attached the d-rings on the back with screws that were too long and gave the front of them a little pimple! Hate that! lol, so they will just stay here in my spooky old house!

I made my kiddo some monster eye balls for a snack today..banana slices with a chocolate chip in the middle, he modeled them for me!

SOOOO excited about tomorrow..doing a professional quality photo shoot with a friend. Getting all my etsy pictures consistent has been a struggle so this is such a great opportunity! Probably post some pics on Thursday.

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The Prairie Jeweler said...

Cool cool cool.. cant wait to hear how the photo shoot goes! I wish you good light and lots of fun!