Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Sunday Sunday

The kids helped me paint some old chairs that I am going to use for an art show or craft show sometime, you can see little pegs I put into the seats of some of them, that is so my mosaic windows don't slide off, kind of like an easel. They painted the bright colors, my plan is to gloss black over the bright color then sand through the black so some pops of color show. These are too distracting for me!! I finished a "girls only" sign that has been giving me fits...I have had coffee spilt on the white grout which ended up being a happy mistake to make it look "antiqued" and then I had a bunch of really cute buttons on it before then the adhesive didn't work so I plucked them all off and finally modge-podged some cotton doilies on the top part then did a kitsch arrangement of old buttons, barbie accessories, a locket and other glass bobbles. It turned out ok, but will probably just put it in my daughter's room. I had to paint in between the black tiles because it was hard to read, everyone kept saying "what...oh ok, it says Girls Only" geesh.

And last but not least, the kids snatched my camera and did a photo shoot with stuffed animals and one live cat..poor Lucy she slept through all the fun!!

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