Thursday, October 16, 2008

Marble Mirror Frame pics and a ghostly tale...

Do you ever just have one of those days? I had one today. Felt like cleaning this morning so while I was wiping down every square inch of this old victorian home I came across an old key in the transom above my daughter's bedroom door. So of course I had to see what door it fit. Our home is over 130 years old and at one point in it's long life it was a boarding house so every interior door upstairs has a keyed lock above the normal door knob lock. Even the spooky 3rd story "tower room" has a lock. I don't know if the door was already locked or if I actually tripped it with the key, but the spooky 3rd story tower room was locked...from the inside...with no one else but the toddler here with me!! I tried to make the key unlock it but it didn't work in that lock! So I freak and leave the house and call my husband to come home and investigate! We have only lived here 5 months and we are still discovering things. We know that the creepy attic entrance door moves over a couple inches with the attic fan on, and sometimes the creepy 3rd story tower room door opens on it's own...sigh....I am not a paranoid person but it's days like this that make me think otherwise! My dear hubby got the door unlocked, blamed it on the kids and then peeked in the attic to soothe my fears! What a stud! Alas, no vagabond living in our attic locking the door..but it made for an interesting day!

On a mosaic note...I got the mirror in the marble frame and now I just need to name it...I am thinking "Found 'Em" (get it...marbles..lost your marbles...then..well..Found 'Em!)

While I was playing with getting a good picture of the frame, I took one of the shirt I was wearing today. It says "I'll be using these to my advantage" it's a funny around-the-house kind of husband just rolls his eyes!

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The Prairie Jeweler said...

I need that shirt!!!! And those chairs.... damn!