Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day one in the life of a newbie blogger

Is that what I am called right now? This is my first officialy blog and I am so excited! I feel all grown up and with-it! So far today (it's 10:30ish) I have re-photographed several pictures for my etsy site http://www.karicrumpmosiac.etsy.com/ as well as some really beautiful new (well they are vintage...one is really old) cut pieces to sell for others to mosaic to their hearts desire.

Sears repairman came by because my new front loading washer was missing it's drainhose for the pump filter thing you are supposed to check once a month, drain, clean out filter and reassemble...(anyone do that??) got a new lint trap out of the deal for my new dryer too after I complained that mine was already ratty after less than 2 months of use!! So far a fairly uneventful day...oh but let's talk about these buttons shall we?

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