Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long Time no Blog!!

Whew...way back in October when I was going gangbusters on this blog I knew I would never neglect her!! But I did, now I am back..and have a commitment to update weekly if not daily!!
Busy busy in my mosaic world! I participated in the local Emporia Arts Council's holiday art sale and had a few sales but mostly got some local love and recognition! Even one customer who know has purchased two custom frames since! Great to get out and network no matter how small the venue! This was my first "set up"!

Also met a great gal who is opening a local children's boutique who has commissioned me for mosaicing the front checkout counter stand on the bottom portion and a large funky mirror for a drop ceiling type will be the first thing people see when they window shop and poke their heads in!! NO pressure right? I am really excited to do these larger pieces and expand my mosaic skills! Created a custom 6 hook coat rack for my dear friend who also happens to be the former owners of our awesome house and my real estate agent!! She's is an amazing woman and gave me no guidelines for the coat rack at all just had to have 6 look at what I did!

Also have come up with some cute inital mosaics for kid's or kid's at heart!

All this while partnering up with my AWESOME jewelry designer friend The Prairie Jeweler...check her out here . We will launching a new Etsy store soon. Can't really give you any details right now but you obviously know that I do mosaics and she does jewelry will combine our love for found objects, vintage jewelry, off-the-wall humor, tattoo art, rock chic attitude and country livin' has been absolutely a BLAST designing and producing the products!! We get together several times a week if we can at her house or mine and just get funky with the art of it all!! I really hope you all check it out..I will post a link to the store soon so you can be the first ones to see it!!

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The Prairie Jeweler said...

Oh sure make me look like a slacker! Gesh. Alright I'll get to it already!!!